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Robco Specialties has been providing expert service and support on the equipment we represent for over 75 years. We can assist our customers with a wide variety of solutions to identify plant issues, create a solution, and implement the solution. We also provide a wide variety of system audits to determine return on investment of your initial purchase. Some of our services include:

Steam Trap Surveys

We can conduct a detailed steam trap survey to identify existing deficiencies within your steam system. We offer recommendations to improve steam piping and steam efficiency, which results in dollar savings through energy conservation.

  • Conduct steam trap survey to determine working condition of steam traps, by a certified trap survey technician
  • Numbered stainless steel tags to be used for maintaining and tracking steam trap populations.
  • Provide a steam leak survey (locate, tag, and identify)
  • Present recommendations and required actions to improve efficiency

Energy Audits

  • Steam Systems
  • Condensate Systems
  • Hydronic Systems
  • Domestic Water Systems
  • Emergency Plumbing Systems

Startup and Commissioning Services

At Robco Specialties, we also provide startup and commissioning services for equipment that we represent including:

  • Utility meters including Water, Air, Gas and Steam
  • Gas Fired Water Heaters
  • Steam Fire Water Heaters
  • Clean Steam Generators
  • Electric/Pneumatic Control Valve Commissioning and Tuning
  • Evacuate Tube Solar Thermal Systems

Consumption Benchmarking

Facilities are constantly upgrading and replacing old equipment due to normal wear and tear, advances in technology, plant expansion/contraction and premature failure due to over sizing/under sizing or current facility conditions.

When deciding how replace existing equipment, be it a heat exchanger, domestic water heater or pump, current facility usage is critical to ensuring a properly sized and selected piece of equipment.  When working with facilities, this information is seldom known either due to lack of records or older inaccurately installed equipment based on the present day demand of the facility.

At Robco we can provide flow metering services to benchmark your usage over a given period of time.  This will allow us to determine the min/max flows of the equipment looking to be replaced while ensuring and accurately sized and selected product.

If your facility is looking at upgrading your domestic water system, hydronic heating system or steam system, please give us a call today to discuss your specific project.

Please also ask about our design build services to create a one stop shop for your engineering, product and installation/commissioning needs.