Commercial Washroom

Commercial Hand Washing

One,two and three person solid surface lavatory systems. From single supply single waste cost effective reparable solutions to china sinks wash fountains for group hand washing up to 8 users. We also offer architectural faucets, and the washbar all-in-one hand washing system, the most hygienic way to wash your hands on the market. ADA compliant options available.

Individual and group showering

Shower packages, individual wall showers, group showers, open showers or privacy stalls. Mounting configurations include in-wall, wall surface, chase, corner, front, and column. Accessories include hose supply boxes, hand showers, soap systems, shrouds, and diverters. ADA compliant options available.

Healthcare and Ligature Resistant Solutions

Healthcare and behavioral health facilities have unique compliance standards. We have washroom equipment to maintain compliance which include shower valves and heads, dialysis boxes, flush valves and lavatories. ADA compliant options available.