Emergency Safety Equipment

Standard Emergency Fixtures

The most common used fixtures for decontamination in the event of a workplace accident. Fixtures include wall and pedestal eye-face washes as well as free standing and combination drench showers. A wide variety of options and materials of construction are available for specific environments.

Laboratory Emergency Fixtures

Research and development, higher education and healthcare facilities rely on laboratory emergency fixtures to maintain a safe environment while carrying out experiments with hazardous materials. Deck mount, wall mount, faucet mount, and self contained units are most commonly used.

Emergency Fixture Accessories

There are many options available when selecting an emergency fixture. Considerations for your fixture should include privacy, alarms and bells, freeze protection and building management capabilities all of which are available as added components to your selected and existing fixtures. 

Emergency Tempered Water

Tempered water is critical to maintaining an ANSI compliant system. Through the use of approved hot water generators or emergency thermostatic mixing valve we can help make sure the right components are used to maintain compliance.