Oil, Gas and Chemical

Through audits and preventative maintenance, we can help minimize steam leaks to reduce the risks of scalding and the consequences associated with poor visibility in a plant. We can identify the root causes of waterhammer and eliminate it from your plant.

We can help improve health and safety. Ensuring that steam reaches your process at the correct:  Quality, Quantity, Pressure and temperature. 

The efficient removal of condensate from the process, maximizing heat transfer and reducing corrosion and erosion, so minimizing downtime. Improving process efficiency and reliability. We can identify opportunities for developing a solution for you that will enable condensate to be recovered and returned to the boilerhouse. This will give you savings in: Energy costs and emissions, Water and water treatment chemicals used, and Effluent discharged from site.

Our knowledge and understanding of utilizing flash steam, or re-energizing steam to higher pressures, will reduce the amount of steam vented to the atmosphere.