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ASME Water Heaters, Digital Mixing Valves
Gas, Oil, Electric, Steam, Boiler Water, Dual Fuel
15-25 Year Warranties, AquaPlex Duplex Alloy Unlined Tanks, Up to 2MBTU Inputs
100-4500 Gallons of Storage, Water Treatment For The Most Corrosive Hot Water Environments Where Lined Tanks Prematurely Fail

Washfountains, Solid Surface Lav Systems, Faucets, Individual/Group Showers, Thermostatic Mixing Valves, Emergency Safety Fixtures, Patient Care, Anti-Ligature, Lockers/Partitions, Accessories
A One Stop Shop For All Your Plumbing and Emergency Fixture Needs

Pre-Insulated Underground Piping Systems Steam/Condensate, Hot/Chilled Water, Fiber Clad Oil and Process Containment Systems, Leak Detection, Dual Con FRP and HDPE Engineered Layouts Project Oversight

ASME and Non ASME Domestic Water and Hydronic Heating Specialties Glass Lined/Epoxy Coated Storage Tanks, Well Tanks, Bladder and Thermal Expansion Tanks, Chemical Feeders, Triple Duty Valves, Air/Dirt Separators, Vertical/Horizontal Flash Tanks Competitive Pricing Most Items In Stock for Fast Delivery

Industrial Grade Steam and Hot Water Unit Heaters and Coils, Up to 450PSI, 6 Year Coil Guarantee, Will Not Bust If Frozen, Aluminum Extruded Fins with Carbon Steel Pipe, Fully Welded No Brazing, Cleanable with High Pressure Air or Water, Great for Hazardous or Noxious Environments, Explosion Proof Available

Steam Fired Water Heaters – Vacuum and Zero Flash Systems – Domestic Water – Hydronic Building Heat – Vertical and Horizontal Configurations – Clean Steam Generators – Humidification Injection Systems – Deaerator Systems

Reliable High Quality Manufacture of Steam System Related Components – Steam Traps, Pressure/Temperature Control Valves Pressure Powered Condensate Pumps Safety Valves Engineered Pre-Piped Package Systems Steam Fired Domestic Water and Hydronic Heating Skids Utility and Process Metering Technologies, Boiler Controls, Boiler Blowdown Heat Recover, Flash Steam Recovery, Thermocompressors, Desuperheaters

Industrial Grade Electric Tankless Water Heaters 10 Year Incoloy Element Warranty 0.5-40 GPM 240V/1Ph and 480-600V/3Ph Power Options, ANSI Compliant Emergency Tempering Models Packaged Skid Systems, Stationary and Portable Models Process Filling Stations

Pipe Thermal Expansion Compensation, Engineered Layout Design, Ball Joints, Tied Universal Joints, Metal Bellows, V -Flex Connectors, Braided Hoses, Field Replaceable Components

Steam Trap Surveys, Compressed Air Leak Detection Surveys, Full Steam System Audits, Clean In Place Heat Exchanger Services, Insulation Blankets Survey Payback Can Be Less Than 1 Year, Utility Rebates Available Installation Services

Non ASME Cement Lined Domestic Water Heaters – Up to 10 Year Warranties – Gas – Electric – Boiler Water – 5-120 Gallon Storage Capacities – Alternative to Glass Lined Tanks for Office Buildings, Homes, Apartment Complexes or Low Demand Point of Use Systems

Complete Range of Pumping Systems Boiler Feed, Condensate, Split Case, Close Coupled, Sewage, Sump, Oil Leak Detection, Pressure Booster Systems