Understanding the systems that you are designing, building or maintaining is key to applying the right equipment and products to an efficient, comfortable and safe facility.

Not all facilities have the same needs and requirements.

Engineers and Architects

Hour long PDH eligible presentations topics ranging from domestic hot water, emergency tempered water, plumbing circulation, commercial washroom design, and steam and condensate systems

Innovative Fifteen Minute system solutions presentations combining your design requirements with your product selections. This approach is more realistic and streamlined to help accurately and efficiently complete your projects while continuing to value your time.


We are here to provide pre-installation and in the field assistance with your projects to help make them as efficient, cost effective and stress-free as possible.

We can provide guidance and education related to the installation of domestic hot water, mixing and recirculation stations, plumbing fixtures, steam and hydronic specialties, and all things related to fluid pumping.

Maintenance, Repair, and Operations

Our products are some of the most common and critical components to maintain your facility and industrial operations. Our training can help you troubleshoot and solve existing problems, identify unknown problems, and help a facility understand more innovative, safe, and efficient equipment and processes.

We have presentations catered to project engineers, facility maintenance staff, production reliability engineers, planners, and environmental health and safety. Different facilities have different staffing requirements which means we are able to provide relevant time/shift presentations.